Critics Hating Arjun Reddy, But Audiences Loving It

Critics Hating Arjun Reddy, But Audiences Loving It

Other day, Arjun Reddy's Hindi remake 'Kabir Singh' has finally hit cinemas and there are comparisons out there about the two films. However, the most important aspect one could notice is the difference between the critics and the reactions of audiences.

Many critics termed the film Kabir Singh as a misogynistic and cynical portrayal of a leading man who hires call girls and threatens them by a knife point, who abuses women, alcohol, drugs and colleagues as well. They ripped the film apart saying that portrayal of all the bad behaviours on earth as 'passionate love' is neither logical nor emotional but only a kind of perversion.

Cut to audiences, they are calling the story as a passionate rage from the poignant eyes of a true lover, and many got addicted to the film with Shahid Kapoor delivering a top-notch performance. Many of them have even watched Arjun Reddy already on digital streaming site and still loved Kabir Singh.

Guess what, even the second shows have registered 70% fill ups in many interior regions as well along with national multiplexes, and it looks like the film is up for a second biggest opening of 2019 so far.

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