Sharwa doesn't need this kind of publicity

Sharwa doesn't need this kind of publicity

When someone asks you what kind of actor Sharwanand, there are no two thoughts about it as you say that he's a top-class performer. And then, the kind of films he has done including Prasthanam and Satamanam Bhavathi speak for him big time.

Recently Sharwa got injured during a skiing act gone wrong in Thailand, and after a complicated 11 hours surgery, he was in the hospital for a week before getting discharged on Friday evening. While everyone is hoping for his quick recovery, what is boring many film lovers is the way this episode is being publicised.

Whether any filmmaker is trying to get extra mileage from Sharwa's hospitalisation or there is some other cause is not known, but even the discharge scene including that of a professional senior doctor advising about the food intake is also filmed and released. Earlier the doctor himself spoke in a video about the surgery at large, which they didn't do even in case of TN former CM Jayalalitha's episode unless there is a huge emergency.

Usually, doctors don't allow to film such stuff unless there is huge pressure. Some are saying that the hospital that treated the hero is actually trying to cash on their celebrity patient and hence the hungama. But frankly speaking, Sharwa doesn't need this kind of publicity.

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