Vijay Devarkonda's Brother Shocked By Trolls

Vijay Devarkonda's Brother Shocked By Trolls

When the teaser of the film 'Dorasani' has released, which marks the debut of hero Vijay Devarakonda's brother as the main lead alongside Sr Hero Rajasekhar's younger daughter Sivathmika, many have trolled the youngster. This happened because they compared him with his brother when it comes to acting.

Also, other day when Anand shared a video on social media where he has danced to the tune of the song 'Horn Ok Please' along with Sivathmika, netizens trolled him for his poor dancing skills. Reacting on all this, Anand says, "I've expected there will be some sort of trolling, but never thought there will be such negativity. But I can assure that once the film releases, my acting potential will impress them all", exuding confidence in the result of the movie.

The young hero also mentioned that his brother hasn't promoted him till date because he doesn't want it to look like Vijay using fame to get offers for his brother. Reports are coming that Vijay will be speaking about his brother only at the pre-release event but not before that on Twitter or anywhere else.

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