No World Cup Fear For Dorasani?

No World Cup Fear For Dorasani?

Citing that the World Cup final might disrupt the collections of their movie, the makers of 'Ismart Shankar' have confirmed a while ago that their film is getting postponed to July 18th from 12th. And then, it looks like someone else want to use this date.

Hero Rajasekhar's younger daughter Sivathmika and Vijay Devarkonda's brother Anand are now coming up with the film "Dorasani". Looking for a solo date from some time, the makers of this newcomer director KVR Mahendra directorial have decided to use July 12th now. Reports are coming that the makers are busy locking this date and theatres.

Don't they feel the world cup heat? When quizzed about this, a source from the film's marketing team said, "Even if India comes to the finals, there will be a disruption only for the matinee and first show, but nothing beyond that. Also not all the Telugu film lovers are cricket fans, so there will be audiences available for the movie on 12th".

Looks like Dorasani team got their logic and we have to see how the film performs in the theatre.

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