Reviews Super, Collections Dull

Reviews Super, Collections Dull

Mallesham is one such biopic of weaver Chintakandi Mallesham that has extraordinary story and an ordinary narration. While the film bagged unanimous positive reviews from all corners and most of the critics lapped up the film, unfortunately, the response for the film at the BO is bleak.

The film's performance at the BO is not very encouraging. Despite having rave reviews, the openings were not on par with the talk. This is discouraging to the filmmakers who are hoping for a wonder at the BO in the coming days. The film's makers are wishing that some magic would happen and the film would slowly pick at the marquee with word of the mouth is slowly spreading among audiences.

On the other hand, the other release Agent Srinivasa Athreya too bagged good reviews and it is doing better compared to Mallesham. However, one has to wait and see, how both these films would pick up at the ticket windows in the coming days. Monday is going to be crucial for both of these films.

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