Where Is Ram Charan Right Now?

Where Is Ram Charan Right Now?

The very big question that is doing rounds on the minds of mega fans right now is- 'Where is Ram Charan?'. After wrapping a holiday with wife Upasana in Tanzania, actually the mega hero is supposed to join Rajamouli's #RRR, but he hasn't.

And with Ram Charan not seen at Allu Bobby's wedding other day, he was neither present with Upasana Kamineni who is shuttling between London and Switzerland for Cricket matches and Entrepreneurial summits. At the same time, the mega hero is not attending #RRR shoot too.

According to the grapevine, Ram Charan is said to have left for the USA to undertake a fitness training for a couple of weeks. After his ankle injury, he's said to have put on some weight and also feeling little uneasy to follow his exercise regimen. To get things in line, he's said to have reached the USA to take up this mission.

In the next couple of days, he is likely to return and join #RRR shoot, say some sources.

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