Talk: Another Biopic Failed Connect With Audiences

Talk: Another Biopic Failed Connect With Audiences

Despite the fact that there is a lot a hungama surrounding many biopics, it looks like audiences are not connecting to them big time. Despite the fact that 'Mallesham' got rave reviews from critics, the film hasn't evinced the interest among audiences, which is evident from the poor collections of it.

After the super success of Mahanati, the biopic of legendary actress Savitri, many filmmakers actually tried their hand at coming up with biopics. Balakrishna came up with two parts of NTR biopic, Mammootty starred in YSR biopic Yaatra, and then Ram Gopal Varma made Lakshmi Parvathi's biopic Lakshmi's NTR, and now champion weaver Chintakindi Mallesham's story has come up as a film. But none of the films got thumbs from all the sections of the audience like how Mahanati did.

They say that the directors who handled these movies have actually narrated those films flat. While some tried to over-glorify the facts, some have distorted them, and some failed to narrate it with conviction. For some reason or the other, critics liked most of these films but audiences didn't.

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