It's Bunny Who Clicked The Pics -Allu Bobby

It's Bunny Who Clicked The Pics -Allu Bobby

Seems like the sudden bite Allu Bobby gave to cinema folks is making everyone feel little uneasy to chew. And then there is a myriad of questions for him as they asked about his first wife, baby and also the absence of Allu Arjun at the wedding.

Already the elder son of ace producer Allu Arvind made it clear that he divorced his first wife in 2016 and starting a new life now. But then, the absence of his star brother Allu Arjun at the event, as per the pics shared, has raised many doubts among netizens. That also led to rumours that Bunny is not happy with this move of Bobby.

But Bobby clarified, "Allu Arjun is very much present at the event and he took care of other stuff. Also, all those pictures that are shared by me are actually clicked by Bunny only. Very soon we are going to release the Reception Party video and then you will understand who's present and what they are doing".

Bobby got married to Hyderabad based Neelu Shah who is a part-time yoga instructor and works at a multinational advertising agency in their creative team.

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