Burra Katha Trailer : Spoof on Saaho

Comedian Prudhvi's spoof on Saaho at the end is what stands out in Burra Katha trailer. The dilaogue of Prabhas in Saaho teaser, "Fans, Die-Hard Fans" is repeated by Prudhvi in Burra Katha. The trailer is hilarious at times as well as emotional. The trailer indicates that the film is a nice package of comedy, love, sentiment, action and drama.   

Like the makers already revealed in the teaser, Burra Katha deals with a person with two brains. How does it affect him? How does the brains bring him problems? How will he deal with them? This is the crux of the story. The trailer promises a good family entertainer with father-son sentiment. Rajendra Prasad is seen as Aadi's father.

After a long gap, Aadi looks refreshing. He is in his elements. His comedy timing looks good, going by the trailer. Dialogue writer-turned-director Diamond Ratnababu seems to have made a good attempt. Let's wait and see, what will be the fate of the film at the Box Office. Will this film get the much needed success to Aadi?