Sita On Amazon: Watching It For Kajal

Sita On Amazon: Watching It For Kajal

These are the days where people are watching more films on digital streaming platforms rather than at theatres. And that is the reason why a film is getting more buzz when released on Amazon Prime rather its actual release in theatres. That's what happened with movies like Chitralahari in recent times.    

The latest Telugu movie to join Majili and Chitralahari on Prime Video is none other than Kajal Aggarwal's Sita. Neither the leading lady's glamourous appearances, nor her bold double meaning dialogues, nor the presence of Bellamkonda Srinivas has saved this film in theatres. Guess what, audiences who didn't go to Sita theatres are now going to the internet to watch this movie, such that they could use their 'Decision Review System' to comment about the film.

Reports are coming that some liked Kajal's acting and action scenes, but many felt that actually, director Teja weaved an unwanted story around Kajal's bubble-like image. As she has never done any fierce roles in her life, the role of Sita looked like a misfit for her.

If Kajal gets more positive ratings from audiences after this digital streaming, surely she will get another break in Tollywood. Else, if the audience sticks to the original decision even in the DRS, then it will be tough for her next innings. Let's see.

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