Nagababu Garu! Just Jabardasth? No Narsapuram!

Nagababu Garu! Just Jabardasth? No Narsapuram!

"If I win as MP, surely I'm going to quit films (not Jabardasth) and live here in Naraspuram itself, taking care of developmental activities in the parliamentary constituency" is what mega brother Naga Babu said during his election campaign. He lost on Janasena ticket and recently returned to Jabardasth as well.    

These days the key to winning an election is winning the trust and hearts of the people. That happens only if a leader works at the root level, interacting with cadres on a daily basis and trying to understand (or resolve) the issues in the constituency on a regular basis. Only after like that for a while, such leaders will get rewarded with votes.

If Nagababu understands this, he has to first go and live in Narsapuram even though he lost the election, and that will give him a mega chance to sweep the election in 2024 in case if he wants to get a ticket and contest then. When the likes of Pawan Kalyan himself lost big time, sitting in Hyderabad won't work any wonders for 2024 too.

So it's up to the mega brother now to decide if he wants to do only Jabardasth and will be staying at Narsapuram too. On a quick note, Nagababu didn't visit Narsapuram till date even once after he lost the election.

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