Allu Arjun Called up Samantha on phone

Allu Arjun Called up Samantha on phone

In the last few days, Stylish Star Allu Arjun made sure that he watches all the pending films and then he calls up those teams to shower his appreciations. After appreciating the likes of Agent SS Athreya and Brochervarevarura teams, he has watched Oh Baby as well.

With Nandini Reddy being a good friend of Bunny for a long time, surely the actor is expected to watch the film. After watching the movie, he's said to have called up Samantha on phone and praised her for the terrific acting prowess she showed in Oh Baby. And then he has sent her a gift too.

Sending her a rare plant as a gift, Bunny added, "You deserve more than a call and flowers. Something that just grows as beautiful as you". An elated Samantha stated that an appreciation coming from Allu Arjun means the world to her. And she shared the picture of that plant too.

It looks like Allu Arjun wants to extend his support to every single film that does well and if he continues the same, surely even fans of other actors will also join his gang.

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