'Dhenaaammmaa kickuu!!!'

'Dhenaaammmaa kickuu!!!'

Hero Ram is super duper happy that his film 'iSmart Shankar' has come out well. The film has another five days time to hit the box office and as he could not contain himself, he watched it and his verdict is out.

Ram wrote on his Twitter handle that the film gave him immense kick and also its been ages since a film gave him that sort of feeling. "Just watched #iSmartShankar ...'Dhenaaammmaa kickuu!!!' ...the high I got while playing this character and watching him onscreen! Ageeesss since I even watched a film that gave me such a kick! Thank You @purijagan garu! Not many realise that YOU ARE THE DRUG!," tweeted Ram.

Calling Puri, the drug itself we can imagine, the dashing director has packed it with mass elements and will certainly excite Energetic star fans.

So this might be it. Puri and Ram are need of a bumper hit and will 'iSmart Shankar' give the positive result? That we will get to know on July 18th.

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