Trailer: Ram, Nidhhi & Nabha's ispecial romance

The first trailer of 'iSmart Shankar' got a reputation that it is too noisy with Puri's trademark commercial elements. Despite that it went on to get millions of views.

But Puri gave a second thought and come up with the second version of the trailer and it is out now.

Ram romances Nidhhi Agerwal and Nabha Natesh simultaneously. Especially with Nabha, it is hardcore mass while with Nidhhi is soft and sweet.

Dialogues like 'Rojuku Okkasari Kodatha' and 'Flat lo Pedutha' make us laugh and that's forms the entertainment part too.

Whatever it is Puri doesn't leave his mark and that is why he is 'iSmart.'

The film is releasing on July 18th.