Now, BJP Is Favourite For Andhra Businessmen

Now, BJP Is Favourite For Andhra Businessmen

BJP, which had very little presence and was irrelevant in Andhra politics, is witnessing a lot of new admissions of late. While the political exodus continuing, it is observed that majority of people who are joining the Saffron party have their own flourishing  businesses.

Allegedly, the businessmen who are joining BJP are scared of the IT raids and other problems to businesses. In order to overcome such untoward future problems, the business people are keen to join BJP.

After the likes of Sujana Chowdary and CM Ramesh, many businessmen in Andhra are making a queue to join the Lotus party. Very recently, a top businessman from Vizag and another businessman from Andhra have joined in the presence of BJP state unit chief Kanna Lakshminarayana.

BJP is also cashing in on the situation by joining more members as part of its nation-wide mega membership drive which was recently launched by Amit Shah in Hyderabad. However, BJP's Vishnu Kumar Raju begs to differ over the businessmen joining their party. He claifies that the party is not luring them and he says that they themselves are voluntarily joining the party to which the BJP is not saying "no".

After Shah's visit and vow to strengthen the party in South, particularly in Telugu states, and Kishan Reddy's statement on BJP's action plan in the two Telugu states in the coming two years, the spree of joining of businessmen is something fishy.