Bigg Boss 3 Contestants Will Be Finalised This Monday

Bigg Boss 3 Contestants Will Be Finalised This Monday

As Akkineni Nagarjuna is coming up with more interesting ads saying 'no acting, only reality' regarding the upcoming #BiggBoss3, the curiosity around the contestants of the show is picking up. Already some names are doing rounds and many wonder if the full list of candidates will come out much before the show gets started.

A source in the know revealed that though Star MAA has almost 25 candidates on their list, the final bunch that will take part in the reality show and enter the house on July 21st are going to be okayed this Monday only. The team that is looking after the candidate management is said to have got everything ready, but they are looking at the equations that who could bring what to the table and will take a call on that at a higher level meeting on Sunday.

Already names like Srimukhi, Varun Sandesh, Hemanth, Udayabhanu, Teenmar Savitri, TV actress Himaja and others are said to be on the list, and we have to see who will further get finalised and added to this. Also, some names might end up as mere speculation but not in the actual list. However, MAA people want to make sure that the list won't get leaked.

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