Is Puri Jagan Ready To Face The Music?

Is Puri Jagan Ready To Face The Music?

In recent times, when women are ill-treated on the silver screen, no longer people are enjoying it. They are also coming to Twitter and other social media, thanks to champions like Chinmayi who are spearheading #MeToo campaigns to expose the misogynist and male chauvinist attitudes in the society.

With the likes of Samantha, Chinmayi and Lakshmi Manchu taking pot shots at director Sandeep Reddy Vanga for his comments that if a girl is not slapped in love it's not even loving, one wonders what this brigade reacts to Puri Jagan's Ismart Shankar trailer. Other day Puri Jagan showcased his feelings towards women through the second trailer of this movie, and that is getting attention now.

Puri Jagan's hero wants to hit women and also rape them, and many might take this down like a scene of the film. But surely that is heavy misogynist, irritating and chauvinistic way of portraying a leading man's role. When the country is trying to contain rapes and change the mindset, these types of film characters simply take the thought process backwards.

The question is, will our #MeToo mights take on Jagan? And is he ready to face the music?

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