That Political Party's Leaders To Produce More Films

That Political Party's Leaders To Produce More Films

Earlier there used to be producers who want to make films with passion, though for the sake of money and occasionally some politicians used to fund few films. But now, almost all the big hat politicians are becoming film producers in Tollywood. Except for some traditional players, most newcomers are here only for their political backdrop.

Especially the people from this political party are quite enthusiastic these days when it comes to making movies. These politicians, who are quite new faces, are now heaping crores to make some Telugu movies. None knows why are they producing movies in the first place, except for one producer who happens to be a contractor facing lots of cases and gained mileage by becoming a film producer.

Already some of these new politicians, with some pseudonyms and using benamis, have invested in few Telugu films in the recent past which turned damp squib at the box office though they are biopics of big netas. But the negative result is not stopping these guys as they still have truckloads of cash to get dumped in Film Nagar.

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