Chiru to Charan, Lakshmi Manchu goes nostalgic

Chiru to Charan, Lakshmi Manchu goes nostalgic

Looking at way Manchu Mohan Babu took a dig at Megastar Chiru on certain occasions, many think that all will not be well between Manchu and Mega families all the time. But the truth is something else, which is proved by the iconic actors many times.

Sharing a picture where Megastar's son Ram Charan is posing with her daughter Vidya Nirvana, actress and film producer Lakshmi Manchu stated that life has reached a full circle. "This picture makes me so nostalgic, I've had pictures like these with your dad. It makes me think life reached its full circle now and can't appreciate enough of what a beautiful journey it has taken us through.. Here is to many more years of togetherness" she said.

Also, the actress expressed a wish that her daughter should be the big sister of Charan's kids. "I can't wait for Apple to be the big sister when you have babies.. hehe" she laughs, saying that.

Welcoming Ram Charan to the Instagram family, she made these comments.

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