#BigBoss: Should Contestants Have Zero Size Body?

#BigBoss: Should Contestants Have Zero Size Body?

Heaping lots of accusations, TV anchor and also YouTube star Swetha Reddy is coming down heavily on the Team of Big Boss that approached her to ask if she is willing to become a contestant of the show's upcoming third edition.

Recently Swetha Reddy started wandering around TV channels, where she claimed that the Big Boss team has body shamed her and also asked her what would she do to satisfy the bosses of Big Boss show.

"What is the link between Swetha Reddy's body and Big Boss program? Because they asked me when I would be going to the gym to get slim. Is Big Boss only for people who look slim and beautiful size-zero girls? What's the point of calling it reality show then" she said, breathing fire from the TV studio.

"Women should not be seen as a sex item and harassed this way" she alleged, as she demanded that a Nirbhaya Case should be lodged on the Big Boss team that is approaching probable contestants.

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