Exposing Kaakunda Inka Emaina Chesava?

Exposing Kaakunda Inka Emaina Chesava?

Handling trolls who try to impend severe criticism became a daunting task these days for film celebrities. Other day, beautiful girl Nidhie Aggerwal whose hot looks from Ismart Shankar teasers are taking film lovers by a storm, faced a similar situation.

As Nidhie shared the second trailer of Ismart Shankar, which got some attention from all the quarters, there is a Twitter user who tried to mock her down. Apparently, the user wrote, "exposing kakunda inkemaina chesava ee cinemalo". Reacting to this, many have slammed him, while others felt that he has asked a right question indeed. So what's our girl has to say about this?

"Actually chaala chesanu, trailer kaadu movie chudu" is what she replied, without any hesitation. Naturally, trailers are stuffed with all the masala in order to pull people to theatres but the reality touches the senses once the film releases in theatres. So if there is no substance, then everything goes for a toss.

As the heroine indicated that her role has a lot of substance, let's look forward to it. Ismart Shankar hits cinemas this Thursday, July 18th.

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