I Badly Need A Hit - Puri Jagan

I Badly Need A Hit - Puri Jagan

Director Puri Jagannadh, who had delivered several blockbuster and trendsetting films in the past like Pokiri, Idiot, Badri, Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi, is waiting for a successful film since Temper. Direly in need for success, Puri for the first time has teamed up with Ram Pothineni and he has chosen a pucca Telangana backdrop.


After Temper, I don't have a hit film. I badly need a hit. Keeping this in mind, I've come up with iSmart Shankar and made the film with utmost care. I thought 'iSmart' for this film and made the movie with my "iSmart"ness. And the film has come out really well and we are quite confident of scoring a hit.

iSmart Concept

The theme of iSmart Shankar is a chip being inspired into hero Ram's head by the cops. Why they did so, what was their motive and what are the consequences have to be seen on the screen. The concept of the chip has been losely inspired from several Hollywood films which usually have scientific, technology backdrop. But this concept has been adapted to suit our nativity. The Telangana backdrop gives a different touch to the film.

Ram Pothineni (Ra Po)

Ram has bundle of energy and his energy has not been tapped to the full potential by any director so far. I've made an attempt to use his energy for this film. He is a perfect suit for the role of an authentic Telangana youth. Niddhi will be seen as a modern girl whereas Nabha essays the role of a Telangana girl. Both have done their parts well.

Balayya's Film

I'm yet to complete my script for Balayya. Once it is done, I'll meet him and narrate him. I love directing Balayya. And the film I will do with Balayya will be the biggest hit in my career.