Did Vijay Expect Anand's Failure In Prior?

Did Vijay Expect Anand's Failure In Prior?

Right from the moment an elder emerges as a huge star, the younger also will begin to flaunt his interest to act in films and we have seen in many filmy families. But, only few of them were successful. Among the current generation of actors, Vijay Devarakonda is quite a practical man who opposed his brother Anand's entry into movies. Vijay made an attempt to convince his brother to continue with his job in US and also, he suggested him to look after their production company. But, the younger has believed that he too would become a star like Vijay and started off his film career with Dorasaani.

But, there is nothing much to discuss about Anand. Initially, Vijay maintained a distance from the promotional activities of Dorasaani but he is said have promoted it later, due to the pressure from family members. However, he too could not save the movie as audiences gave it a thumbs down.

Dorasaani is ending up as a flop, with disastrous box-office in all centers and Anand Devarakonda too is facing criticism. Some of them has striked at him saying he isn't a proper hero material. Having estimated this result in prior, Vijay has warned his brother to stay away from movies. Certainly, it is a bitter experience for Anand who didn't pay heed to his elder.

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