Swetha & Gayatri File Separate Cases On Bigg Boss3

Swetha & Gayatri File Separate Cases On Bigg Boss3

Controversies are not new to Bigg Boss team, as this reality show always got soaked in one. And now when it comes to the Third Edition of the show, the likes of Swetha Reddy and Gayatri Gupta are already accusing in the media that they are harassed by the team that approached them.

In the lines of Swetha Reddy, Fidaa fame actress Gayatri Gupta alleged that a person from Bigg Boss team asked her if she could survive inside the house for 100 days without sex. She lamented for Big Boss team treating women like sex objects and filed a police case too. She mentioned that Big Boss team confirmed her in March itself, but never they gave her an agreement to sign.

Earlier, we have Swetha Reddy accusing that Big Boss team has body shammed her and one of the people from Star Maa is said to have asked her what she will be doing to satisfy his boss. She lodged a complaint with police, giving them all the details and also included Nagarjuna's name in that.

We have to see if police will be quick to get into this case before Bigg Boss3 hits the marquee on July 21st or they will take their own sweet time to find the truths.

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