Interesting Buzz On Allu Arjun And Sushant Relation

Interesting Buzz On Allu Arjun And Sushant Relation

Young hero Sushanth from the Akkineni camp has for the first time agreed to do this guest role, and that is because the film has Stylish Star Allu Arjun and magical writer-director Trivikram at the helm.

While it is heard earlier that dusky siren Pooja Hegde will be playing the role of Sushanth's sister who falls in love with Allu Arjun, the latest rumour has that newly joined heroine Nivetha Thomas is not playing second heroine role. She will be seen as Allu Arjun's sister in the movie and will fall in love with Sushanth. This is more like 'Kunda Marpidi Pelli' kind concept.

Authenticity of these reports could not be verified, but Film Nagar is quite buzzing about this. Many are wondering how come an upcoming heroine like Nivetha Thomas has agreed to become Bunny's sister in the film at a time when her career is to take off. We have to say what the unit will say about this buzz.

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