Deverakonda's Craze Is Beyond The Expectations

Deverakonda's Craze Is Beyond The Expectations

The musical festival of 'Dear Comrade' in the above cities ran out of control as Vijay fans flocked at the venue in large number. The event organizers did not anticipate such huge crowd and did not make necessary arrangements. As a result, many fans tried to get inside the venue. The police stepped into action and even held a lathicharge to control the crowd.

Getting to know about this Vijay Deverakonda walked out of the venue to see his fans. He too was shocked as even he did not expect such turnouts.

A lady fan got hurt in the lathicharge and Vijay tried to persuade her but by then things already got worse.

Vijay has reportedly asked the organizers of Chennai and Hyderabad musical festival to make appropriate measures so that fans will not get disappointed.

'Dear Comrade' music celebrations are scheduled on July 18th and July 19th in Chennai and Hyderabad respectively.