Trailer Talk: Kartikeya is now Khaidi 369

Young and upcoming hero Kartikeya attained the image of 'Play Boy' post 'RX100.' Complimenting this tag, his next film had also too much of explicit content but audiences are clever here. But somehow the hangover of mass and romance did not get out of Kartikeya's mind and yet again he is coming with almost same genre.

The trailer of 'Guna 369' is out and the first impression gives that this is an advanced version of 'RX100.' Guna played by Kartikeya falls in love with a girl from his village. The only change here is, the antagonist is not related to the female lead. Nevertheless, she goes missing and Kartikeya turns 'Devadas' and bashes up goons left and right. Lastly, he ends being Khaidi number 369.

Precisely there is nothing to offer except for the some more intense performance by Kartikeya and seems like he tried comedy as well.

Arjun Jandyala is directing the movie and is said to be based on true events.

Anagha is marking her debut as heroine in Tollywood.