#FaceApp Viral Pics: How Your Telugu Heroes Look At 80

Every year we see certain new trends catching up. Sometimes that could be ice bucket challenge, plant a sapling challenge or swach bharat challenge. And before India started to forget the 'bottle cap' challenge, there is this FaceApp pics challenge that is going viral now where celebs are posting their 'aged' looks.

Unlike to do any physical activity, here this is #OldAge challenge, where celebs are using a new application called 'Face App' and generating an artificial intelligence based old age picture of them and sharing. While Bollywood folks are a bit ahead in this, as the likes of Arjun Kapoor and Varun Dhawan already share their pictures themselves.

And then, Telugu folks are quick to turn their favourite stars into the old-age salt and pepper look as they want to shower the love. No matter what, the likes of Prabhas, Mahesh, Allu Arjun, Nani, Ram and others are looking as dapper as they could be after undergoing the old-age filter.

Here is an interesting gallery of Telugu heroe and how they would look after they touch 70-80 years of age.