Producer Wanted For Ravi Teja's Movie

Producer Wanted For Ravi Teja's Movie

Whether Ravi Teja is not able to chalk out what is happening with him right now or the directors who want to work with are still not able to come out of the masala cocoon, somehow his films are facing the music from producers these days.

The rumoured film of Raivteja under Gopichand Malineni's director is said to be under trouble now. While Tagore Madhu was supposed to produce this film, the hero and director are said to have submitted a 40 crore budget for the film. With Madhu not interested to put beyond 25 crores, we hear that he has walked out from the project.

Perhaps, that is the reason why Raviteja is getting ready to start RX100 fame Ajay Bhupathi's film under Gemini Kiran's production first, as there is no producer for Gopichand Malineni's movie. And then, we have to say about Mass Raja's ongoing project Disco Raja which went through some budget issues similar as producer Ram Talluri is said to have enforced some budget cap for director VI Anand in the same way.

On the whole, Raviteja should first find out what is his real market at the moment and make his producers invest accordingly.

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