Saaho- August 30th Is Not The New Release Date?

Saaho- August 30th Is Not The New Release Date?

A lot is happening around Saaho but neither UV Creations nor any other partner related to this Prabhas starrer has uttered a word about the altered release date so far. But with lots of gut and some inside information, we hear that Ranarangam and Evaru have declared their release date as August 15th.

This game of altering dates is not new to Tollywood or Bollywood as Baahubali franchisee itself played this hide and seek game many times regarding the dates. What keeps fans hurting and others guessing, is the new date Saaho will choose as they are waiting for the film eagerly. And August 30th is being promoted as that locked one.

Sources close to Saaho team, however, commented that they haven't yet locked any new date, while the film's release on August 15th is doubtful. Because to lock 30th, they need to check in almost all the major tinsel towns like Telugu, Bollywood and Tamil as well. We hear that Saaho will have a look at the placement of other biggies before fixing a date. 

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