Rashmika In Plans To Turn Into 'Lady Rowdy'

Rashmika In Plans To Turn Into 'Lady Rowdy'

Happening hero Vijay Devarakonda is fondly called 'Rowdy' in the film circles for the kind of attitude and swag he has. And taking his craze to the next level, he has ventured into selling apparel as he started the 'Rowdy' brand menswear. It is received quite well by his fans we have to say.

Of course, actually, Vijay launched only 'Rowdy' men wear though some of his fans from the opposite gender are seen buying the tees with the letters ROWDY printed, and wearing them. But now, we hear that he will be bringing up his brand's women wear too.

Reports are coming that Vijay is actually working on to partner with Rashmika Mandanna, and she will be launching the 'Lady Rowdy' wear under this brand. In a way, Rashmika is going to be a brand ambassador for ladies apparel of Vijay Devarakonda's brand.

Much of the details are yet to come out, but it looks like Vijay wants to do this launching after the release of Dear Comrade movie.

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