Buzz: Prabhas Upset With 'Saaho' Postponement Leak

Buzz: Prabhas Upset With 'Saaho' Postponement Leak

It's Saaho everywhere. Fans are right now not able to bear the heartbreak that the film is not arriving as scheduled. Earlier when 'Baahubali' Prabhas himself announced the mega date August 15th, everyone got excited. But something went wrong and the film got postponed.

The major twist is, even without Prabhas or Saaho producers giving any official statement, word spread everywhere that the film is unlikely to release on the said date. We are hearing reports that Prabhas is quite upset with the proceedings as the information about possible postponement got leaked without their team revealing it officially.

He's said to have checked with the team as to how the information got out into media and public. Because if Saaho makers themselves have announced about the postponement, then it would have been bit polite. But when others locked the date, giving an indication that Saaho is out of the race, it reduced the stature of Saaho team by a couple of notches.

On the other hand, fans are waiting for his Instagram post or official FB post about this happening.

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