What's Cooking In Mumbai For This Telugu Couple??

What's Cooking In Mumbai For This Telugu Couple??

There is this big hero from Tollywood who is said to be spending ample time in Mumbai these days. Many people around him are quick to say that he's there on some work-related assignments but there is nothing special.

A little dig into the scene, however, revealed some interesting and shocking things as well. Actually, this hero is known for his shy avatar and won't stay in other cities for a longer period of time. But then, there is this heroine who worked with him on many films, who has recently moved there for unknown reasons.

And then the rumours have that these two actually started living together as a couple and bought a huge lavish apartment in a rich gated community. While they have always rubbished the rumours, insiders say that the couple are 'mad' for each other from a long time and that continues forever.

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