Trade Talk: August Is Full Of Hit Mongers

Trade Talk: August Is Full Of Hit Mongers

With Saaho moving out of the race of unofficially, August has become an interesting month to watch out with many young heroes pushing themselves into the arena. All the heroes who are standing in the race for the August box office, however, are in need of a dire hit which would give a spin to their career.

The likes of Ismart Shankar, Dear Comrade and Aame are taking up the last half of July month thereby giving no breather for other films. So, August became an important month for films that are in the pipeline for a long time. First, we will be witnessing Karthikeya's Guna 369 and Bellamkonda Srinivas' Rakshasudu on August 2nd. These two heroes made a splash with initial films but their last outings are huge duds, which brings them to a position where they have to prove strongly.

Then comes August 9th, where Nagarjuna will be coming up with Manmadhudu 2. In recent times, many of Nag's films didn't do well at theatres and he's hoping that the spicy realistic content of the rom-com will give him relief. Cashing on Saaho's absence, Sharwa's Ranarangam and Adivi Sesh's Evaru are being pitched on August 15th. Both heroes are in good form, but they need a solid hit this time to consolidate their market.

We have Nani's Gang Leader then locked up on the last Friday of August, which happens to be the 30th. Though his previous film Jersey got the critical acclaim, his fans are waiting for him to race into the 50+ crores club and there are huge hopes on that front regarding this film.

We have to see what will these hit mongers going to achieve at the box office this August.