#BiggBoss Cases: Star MAA To Take Legal Action?

#BiggBoss Cases: Star MAA To Take Legal Action?

As Star MAA hasn't officially responded to the cases registered on #BigBoss program including casting couch and harassment allegations, there is resentment everywhere. However, the representatives of Star MAA haven't officially responded to any accusations, but the news is, they are contemplating legal action.

"This is Star MAA and the team that approaches the contestants does everything in a professional manner. This year we've approached almost 150 persons and all of them will be explained Terms and Conditions. But none of them will be given any confirmation about the participation. Those who are making all the allegations are doing out of jealousy that they didn't make the cut" a rep of Star Maa is heard saying.

Also, Star MAA representatives who have met these 150 people are said to have some evidence with them regarding what happened at the meets and they want to meet the Court will all the stuff in hand. At the same time, police are trying to serve notices to the persons accused by Swetha Reddy and Gayatri Gupta, and those persons are not present in the office to receive them, police said.

We have to see how many more twists and turns will be there before actually, #BigBoss hits the marquee.

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