Puri Reveals Title Of iSmart Shankar Sequel

Puri Reveals Title Of iSmart Shankar Sequel

Ram Gopal Varma never minces words about announcing sequels to his films - be it when a film is a hit or a flop. Notwithstanding the success or failure of a film, Ramu stands first in announcing a sequel or prequel to his films in order to create hype for a film that is running in theatres.

Now, Puri seems to have got inspired from Ramu as Puri announced sequel to his just-released iSmart Shankar. RGV took to Twitter to congratulate Puri and team. During this, he had asked Puri to announce a sequel. "Hey @purijagan and @ramsayz Immidiatley please start ISSMART SHANKAR 2 ...Instead of DOUBLE DHIMAAK it should be TRIPLE DHIMAAK," wrote RGV.

To this, Puri has replied, "Sir already registered the title DOUBLE ISMART." And RGV nodded and lauded Puri's title. "Wowwwww ..That's even BETTER,"concluded RGV.

RGV also confirmed that he will be coming tomorrow to meet Puri and the whole team of iSmart Shankar to party hard.

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