Inside Story: Allu Arjun's Spat With Co-Director

Inside Story: Allu Arjun's Spat With Co-Director

The news of Allu Arjun entering into a spat with a co-director named Satyam and the stalling of Trivikram's movie shoot is doing rounds everywhere. Here is the inside version of the story that is actually doing rounds in Film Nagar through various unconfirmed sources.

The Incident:
Every co-director usually urges the cast to come to shooting spot quickly such that they wrap the shoot as per the schedule. A couple of days back even Satyam is said to have asked the presence of Allu Arjun twice when our hero is relaxing in his new luxury caravan. As Satyam sent a word to the hero for the third time as well, requesting his presence, the latter is said to have got miffed. Some sources alleged that Allu Arjun tossed the script papers into the air before yelling at the co-director.  

The Aftermath:
Upset with the way Allu Arjun treated him in front of the whole crew, senior co-director Satyam is said to have walked out from the set, leading to escalation of the issue. He's said to have complained in the Directors Association as well, and without the presence of Satyam, the film's shoot is not going forward. Now, Directors Association is said to be looking forward to solving the issue as Satyam is hellbent on demanding an apology from Allu Arjun.

The Solution:
Reports have that director Trivikram, who is known for his problem-solving skills, has turned the troubleshooter now. He is trying to mediate between Allu Arjun and Satyam, by making sure that none of their egos will get hurt and the shooting of the film goes forward without any further breakages.

To sum up...
This is a version that is being heard from one side and we have to see if Allu Arjun's version of the incident will be any different. But such spats for a happening star hero are not advisable, whoever might have done the mistake, as that will puncture his stardom, which is obviously a glass house that stands still until he's in the good mouths.