iSmart Day 1 : Massy Red Carpet Recovered Half Budget

iSmart Day 1 : Massy Red Carpet Recovered Half Budget

Puri Jagan hasn't satisfied the critics with the poor story and not-so-exciting screenplay, but the dialogues and expletives laced with Telangana slang along with the glamour department have unfurled a red carpet for his "Ismart Shankar" from the masses. And here are some numbers to support the case.

Despite getting poor reviews and lashed by critics for making same old typical masala films, director Puri and his hero Ram Pothineni has stunned everyone one. Surprising even the critics and trade pundits, surpassing all the expectations, the film has made 16 crores worldwide gross thus carving 7.8 crores share for the producer. And that recovered almost 50% of the film's budget on the first day itself.

And this Friday, the film got much hotter as almost all the single screens are full while multiplexes have posted good occupancy numbers. And the weekend might help the flick not only to recover whole of its money but post profits as well. At the same time, A centres might not witness a major growth, but B & C crowds are enjoying it.

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