Nag Gives Away Ninne Pelladutha For Rakul's Brother

Nag Gives Away Ninne Pelladutha For Rakul's Brother

Such an iconic hit, 'Ninne Pelladutha' always remains the best of Nagarjuna's career as he rocked that flick under Krishna Vamsi's direction. The chemistry between Nag-Tabu and their romance is the most talked about, while the film was super successful for its family drama and emotional quotient.

And then, many anticipated that Nagarjuna will be using this title for one of his sons, Chaitanya or Akhil. Any one of them is supposed to do a film with that title, but then came heroine Rakul Preet's brother Aman who has turned hero now. Today Nagarjuna himself has supported him buy launching the logo of their film, which is Ninne Pelladutha.

While the old Ninne Pelladutha title is soft and poetic looking, the latest one is purely rugged as if they are making a seema-based faction drama. Aman has teamed up with a newcomer director Vaikunta for this film, and he Siddhika is the leading lady of the movie. We have to say how far he makes the best use of the title, and his sister's fame as well.

On the other hand, this is the second instance in recent times where some most anticipated titles of senior star heroes are grabbed by other heroes. Nani took Gang Leader and Karthi got Khaidi.

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