Jagapathi Babu's Exit Exposes The 'Politics' In Cinema

Jagapathi Babu's Exit Exposes The 'Politics' In Cinema

Well, we do know that actor Jagapathi Babu has clarified about his exit from Sarileru Neekevvaru where he spoke about readying himself to lose two projects to join this Mahesh starrer. But for a few reasons, the actor is said to have moved out of the project but nothing else.

In the first place, one would get a doubt, why Jagapathi left the project when he liked the role, left two projects already for this film and still has an 'unknown reason' to quit the movie. Frankly speaking, this video made it more obvious that Sarileru Neekevvaru team led by Mahesh, Anil Ravipudi and Dil Raju have something to do with Jagapathi's exit.

At least if Jagapathi is silent, then everyone would have believed or not believed, some gossip or the other. But with the actor confirming that he liked the character though he is not doing it now, it is clear that some other forces might have worked to replace Jagapathi with Prakash Raj.

And this exposes the politics that go on in film industry when it comes to casting big actors and picking top technicians. Until the minute they go to shooting, we can't believe who is actually acting in the movie and who is working in the technical crew.

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