Inside Talk: Here Is Bunny's Version On Spat With Co-Director

Inside Talk: Here Is Bunny's Version On Spat With Co-Director

Other day we have already revealed about the spat that happened between star hero Allu Arjun and a co-director on the sets of #AA19 which is being directed by Trivikram. As the news went viral, we hear that the mega team took stock of the situation and making things work.

While it is publicised that the mega hero has thrown script papers into the air out of irritation as the co-director requested his presence at the shooting spot couple of times, the version said by people close to Allu Arjun is something shocking. They say that the hero's frustration has a genuine reason connected with the film's progression.

Actually, the mego hero is said to be insisting the team, including co-director, to plan tight schedules and wrap the movie by October itself. But then, Trivikram's scheduling team has failed to come up with a proper plan to speed up the film's shooting, which led to heated arguments, a source shared.

On the other hand, people from Directors Association have confirmed with a leading media house that they haven't received any complaint from co-director Satyam regarding Allu Arjun. Looks like the issue got resorted at the root level itself.

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