Amala Paul Stands In Spot To Clear Financial Issues

Amala Paul Stands In Spot To Clear Financial Issues

Despite the fact that the teaser of Aame (Aadai in Tamil) has created lots of storms in film circles and among audiences, the film got entangled in financial issues as the producers failed to pay the dues to some financiers. With that, the film's yesterday release got stalled and the first-ever show was screened in the night at 7.30 PM. Also, the Telugu version of the film is yet to see light.

Our exclusive source from Chennai revealed that none other than Amala Paul went to the lab to settle the dues of financiers. Whether she has arranged some money or not, is yet to be known, but it is rare that we see a heroine coming to the film-lab to solve issues related to finances. Standing and delivering is something even few star heroes failed to do, but we have to appreciate Amala on that note.

Rumours have that she returned most of her remuneration to make sure the producer will release the movie yesterday at any cost. The dusky Mallu siren is said to have pinned lots of hope on the output, as she feels that the film will turn out a blockbuster.

A while ago Amala shared that after facing all the curse words, misogyny and KDM (film release password, Key Delivery Message), finally the film is releasing in 700+ screens.

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