Friends Gave Statutory Warning To Hero And Wife

Friends Gave Statutory Warning To Hero And Wife

For the first time in Telugu circuits, real-life couple Varun Sandesh and Vithika Sheru have joined the reality show #BigBoss in its third edition.

But then, many are worried about the possible rift that might take place between them during tasks, gameplay and gossiping with others.

Other day when host Nagarjuna questioned them about the possible outcome they would expect if both of them are in the final week, Vithika stated that she would vouch for herself, while Varun stated that he will feel happy if his wife wins.

While it is easy to say those words, what is tough is to really stand by them. And that is what could create unnecessary situations for them.

Close friends and family are said to have to give a statutory warning to Varun and Vithika about the game show.

Also, they are said to have advised them about the way they should behave with each other even if they are pitted against each other.

They asked the hero-heroine to enter the house with warmth and leave in the same way, as it is just a game show.

We have to see how Varun Sandesh and Vithika play it from today!