#BiggBoss3: Get Ready For Hottest Wildcard Entry

#BiggBoss3: Get Ready For Hottest Wildcard Entry

#BigBoss3 has started already and all the contestants are looking quite energetic going by the intro-episode. Host Nagarjuna made it more special, while contestants have a charm that is impressing audiences big time.

While the show already has the likes of Sreemukhi and Himaja as those sizzling charms, many say that arrival of a glamourous heroine would add more to the spicy side of the house. Though there is Punarnavi Bhupalam inside, she doesn't fit the bill. For the same reason, we hear that #BiggBoss3 organisers have got this one aboard.

Reports are coming that in the second week of the show, sizzling beauty Shradhha Das is likely to enter Bigg Boss house as a special inmate. She will be stepping in when the show gets its first eviction done. We hear that Shraddha is eagerly waiting to join the house as she's confident of winning the trophy as well.

There is the buzz that though Hebah Patel was supposed to be that inmate, she has expressed her inability to join the house due to unknown issues. Now Shraddha Das is said to have replaced her.

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