RTC X Roads Talk: Power Of Mass!

RTC X Roads Talk: Power Of Mass!

Despite the fact that critics have completely lashed at "Ismart Shankar", the film's mass power is drawing huge crowds thereby ringing the registers. And as the film already made its investments and heading into huge profits zone, here comes an indication of the future.

A look at the theatres at RTC X Roads proves that Ismart Shankar is leading the pack among current releases that are running in theatres. While Oh Baby collected 32+ lakhs from this area's screens so far, Brochevarevarura made 23+ lakhs and Dorasani collected 4+ lakhs. But Ismart Shankar has beaten them all, by collecting 45+ lakhs in just four days of release. That means masses have unfurled a red carpet for the movie.

Going by this happening, we have to say that now many other filmmakers will come up with similar mass movies that will have neither story nor logic. Even heroes might insist directors come up with such stories/films. Like how many faction films came after Samara Simha Reddy and comic capers after Dhee, now they will bring upon these mass films where hero speaks in Telangana dialect. Can they, however, score hit is what that matters.

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