Teaser Talk: 'Madhanam' about love and life!

'Madhanam' meaning churning out something and based on a true incident, a feature film is made. Starring Srinivas Sai and Bhavana Rao in the lead roles, the teaser of it is unveiled by director Surender Reddy.

It's all about the protagonist who comes out of isolation after 14 years. He falls in love and then life takes him to somewhere else. This journey has many twists and turns as shown in the racy visuals. The lead pair Srinivas Sai and Bhavana, share a good chemistry and they come up with decent performances as well. Sithara and Ajay are seen in supporting roles.

Ajay Sai Manikandan is directing 'Madhanam' and cinematography by PG Vinda is an asset for the film.

As the makers claim that this is inspired by a true event, let's hope there is something meaty in the plot to get an applause from the audience.

Produced by Kasi Productions, Ron Ethan Yohann is composing music for 'Madhanam.'

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