Rajamouli's USA Visit Is For #RRR Auditions?

Rajamouli's USA Visit Is For #RRR Auditions?

Recently Rajamouli went on a short trip to the USA, regarding which everyone felt that he was there to attend the TANA convention. However the star director later clarified that he's not there to attend TANA, rather he will not be finding time to attend his brother Keeravani's music concert as well.

As Rajamouli reiterated that he is on a personal trip to the United States, many wondered what is that trip about. Some reports are coming out that actually, the Baahubali director went there to conduct some auditions and screen tests for few American actors and actresses.

With #RRR set in 1920's India, and most of the story happening in Delhi and around, surely a large number of English people were around that time. As they have written few characters of English Lords and other merchants, he wants some minimum popular artists to enact them. For that reason, Rajamouli is said to have auditioned a bunch of talented actors from Los Angeles and he will be making a decision on them very soon.

Already we're hearing the name of Emma Roberts in connection with the heroine role anyway as Jr NTR's character needs to romance an English Lord's daughter inside the film.

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