#BiggBoss S03 E03: Himaja Takes Up The Teary Eyed Route

#BiggBoss S03 E03: Himaja Takes Up The Teary Eyed Route

Bigg Boss is no fresher to emotional episodes where contestants break into tears and wet up to the cameras all the time. And in the third edition of this highly popular show, the crying episode happened just on the 3rd day of the show itself.

Himaja and Sreemukhi went into a tiff with the latter commenting that Himaja takes things lightly in real life but not things the same way inside Bigg Boss house. Replying, Himaja accused Sreemukhi of slipping tongue without knowing anything about her life and later she broke into tears. But then, Sreemukhi has conveyed a sorry but also quipped that crying is the last option for her.

Hurt by all these comments, Himaja gave an emotional explanation about working hard in the house to underscore the 'red' marks she scored for not doing work tasks. Taking this to the next level, Hema added bass to her voice and accused Himaja of trying to over-impress, before nominating her for 'elimination'.

While Himaja remains nominated, she gave a confession to Bigg Boss that she got hurt due to the way some spoke and how her good friend Rohini remained silent. Once again she broke into tear-falls and later promised to way out of the emotional storm.

PS: After all the high drama surrounding nominations, Jaffer, Himaja, Rahul Sipliganj, Vithika, Punarnavi and Hema got nominated for elimination this week.

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