Okay, Which Hero Is Ready To Work With Jagan?

Okay, Which Hero Is Ready To Work With Jagan?

From bad-mouthing Mahesh Babu to accusing other star heroes that they want his films only when he is in a success track, director Puri Jagan has stirred the hornet's nest. And then, Ismart Shankar has already become Ram's career-best hit, thereby giving more oxygen to Jagan.

Looking at the way Ismart Shankar is carved by Jagan, one wonders which star hero will join hands with him. Because the film boasts not just misogyny and sheer masculinity, it also insults women big time, though Puri Jagan covered it up saying that the character Shankar will behave like that, the reality is different. As Ram needed a break from flop streak, surely he got teamed with Puri quite easily. What about other heroes?

While star heroes might not find it very comfortable to work with Jagan on these type of stories, the next level of heroes might express their interest. Names like Vijay Devarakonda, Manchu Vishnu, Sandeep Kishan and others are being heard for a long time, but those films of Puri never materialised. We have to see what happens now.

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