Who Gained From iSmart Shankar?

Who Gained From iSmart Shankar?

iSmart Shankar's mind-boggling Box Office figures had left even seasoned distributors, producers in great shock. While no one had predicted the magnitude of the success of the film and the true mass power of a film, experts are weighing out who had benefited from iSmart Shankar and what they gained out of it.

Puri Jagannadh

Admittedly, it is a great relief to Puri who had been struggling with a series of duds. The film has given him a much-needed success as well as confidence. But the moot question is that will this overturn Puri's fortunes.

Industry hear say is that none of the star heroes are still looking towards Puri even after iSmart Shankar's success. All the star heroes are said to be waiting for Puri to score one more success in order to cement his position once again. As of now, big stars are adopting wait and watch policy on Puri. And Puri may have to work with another young hero for his next film to prove his mettle yet again.


Charmi has certainly gained a good name in terms of production handling and publicity, marketing. Charmi who had been labeled as jinx so far has now erased that image with iSmart Shankar. Now, she has to see how well she would use this for her advantage.

Ram Pothineni

If there is any big gainer from iSmart Shankar, it is certainly Ram Pothineni. Ram has ended his flop streak with iSmart Shankar. He also got mass reach with the film. Until iSmart Shankar, Ram has a class tag. But with iSmart Shankar, he has expanded his base and reach to mass audiences. This naturally impacts the openings of his next film in B & C centers.

Nabha Natesh, Nidhhie Agarwal

Nabha Natesh has certainly made her mark with her glam look in the film. Nabha's role has given her the scope to score more brownie points. And she has used it to her advantage. Nabha has now become a mass heroine. While Niddhie wasn't as lucky as Nabha, usually, the hit tag of iSmart Shankar is useful to both the leading ladies of the film.


The biggest gainers of iSmart Shankar are the film's distributors and buyers who had invested less and gained multi-fold on their investment. While the world-wide theatricals are sold for Rs 20 Crore, iSmart Shankar managed to earn a world-wide share of Rs 30 Crore plus in 10 days. Distributors have pocketed good profits and laughing all the way to banks. So, the ones who profited most from iSmart Shankar is distributors.